Prashant Aswani – HEADS I go to MEDICAL SCHOOL, TAILS I go to BERKLEE

On this Prashant Aswani Interview: GREAT stories about his cross-country bus ride to Berklee, making his first 2 records while still in school, flipping a coin to decide if he went to medical school or Berklee, taking care of his ailing grandmother, smoking cigarettes at 15 with his grandmother in India, happiness, insecurity, unconditional love, divorce, and LOADS of other deep stuff. Very cool and open vibe

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From playing Tabla at age 8, to playing all over the world as a solo artist with 6 LPs, and working as a side man for some high-profile artists, to his newest project “CIC” with Rhonda Smith & Shane Gaalaas… Prashant’s had a very interesting life

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