Charlie McCoy Interview: Bob Dylan Created a STAMPEDE in Nashville

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In this Charlie McCoy interview: Charlie shares his incredible journey in the music industry, from starting out as a young harmonica player to becoming a versatile utility player in Nashville… his curiosity and open-mindedness led him to countless opportunities. He talks about the importance of appreciating and connecting with the audience, his experiences working with iconic artists like Paul Simon and Bob Dylan, as well as some funny & bizarre stories from his career, including witnessing Leonard Cohen and his friend whipping each other during a recording session. Charlie also shares behind the scenes studio experiences, the reception of music here in the states vs. other countries, his experiences with producers, the importance of staying active, the support of his parents, and lessons he’s learned throughout his career and life. AMAZING CONVO

Since 1961, Charlie McCoy’s been a valuable member of the Nashville A-team Session players, playing guitar, bass, trumpet, sax, drums, keyboards, percussion & various other stringed instruments. He’s probably the best utility player Nashville’s ever had, but is most well-known in Nashville and all over the world, for his amazing harmonica playing. So please appreciate this is a very abbreviated version of highlights of Charlie’s career: World’s most recorded harmonica session player – in excess of 12,000 country, pop, and rock sessions… Released 42 LPs of his own Music Director and band leader of the Hee Haw band for 18 years… played the National Anthem at over 20 sporting events in a half-dozen sports… Grammy winner, multiple Country Music Assoc awards… in the Country Music HOF, West Virginia HOF, Int’l Musicians HOF, a Member of the Grand Ole Opry. Just a handful of the artists he’s played with include Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, Ringo Starr, Al Cooper, Willie Nelson, Leon Russell, Johnny Cash, Chet Atkins, Barbara Mandrell, Vince Gill and thousands of others

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