Von Kopfman – Letters For Healing

I had the pleasure and privilege of having Von Kopfman from Big Daddy Loud, as a guest on ELG. Not only an incredibly talented musician, but an incredibly kind and sincere human being.

After Von lost his son Jacob, he created a series of books on losing loved ones. The books are called Letters For Healing and you can buy them on amazon, here. I would suspect over time, you will see and hear more about Von, as he is currently in the process of putting together a series of online workshops on grief and loss.

No stranger to his own trauma… I would encourage you to listen to Von’s interview below, where he candidly discussed dealing with childhood sexual abuse. You can tell by how he speaks about his experiences that he has clearly done a lot of work to help himself heal. He’s one of the many great people I’ve had the opportunity to connect with through Everyone Loves Guitar.

Please also check out Von’s website, The Last Songwriter. Here’s Von’s interview: