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On this Patrick Sweany Interview: Patrick shares his journey into music and the challenges he faced in breaking through… the importance of being true to yourself and the impact of meeting and learning from blues legends like Robert Junior Lockwood. The value of live performances and the experience gained from playing gigs and open mic nights… his move to Nashville, and the inspiration behind his song ‘Them Shoes’ from the album ‘Every Hour Is A Dollar Gone’. The challenges of trying to make a name for himself in a competitive Nashville music scene and the difficulties he faced in finding work and being accepted by the local musicians. He also opens up about low points and dark periods in his life and how he navigated through them. The conversation ends with a discussion about personal growth and the importance of letting go of anger, and the toughest decision Patrick has had to make, which he struggles to answer. The significance of admitting mistakes and the importance of being open-minded. Patrick reflects on the changes in his personality over the last 10 years, particularly in becoming less confrontational and more open-minded. 

Patrick’s an awesome blues guitarist, singer, songwriter & artist originally from Ohio and currently living in Nashville. If you’re a blues fan, especially of the old school guitar approach where the guitar exists to create harmony, soulful fills and solos, with great tube breakup, then you’ll love Patrick. He also uses his voice as an instrument to help create the overall vibe and feeling in the songs, as opposed to just “singing.” He’s kind of like Muddy Waters or Howlin’ Wolf in his approach. I first got turned on to Patrick when I heard his song “Them Shoes” – I think… in either a movie or television show. I immediately downloaded the song and listened to it about 50 times over the next week – it’s awesome. Since 1999, Pat’s released 12 LPs and an EP

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