Von Kopfman “I was MOLESTED when I was 10 YEARS OLD. But you have to FIND YOUR WAY PAST THIS…”

On this Von Kopfman interview: Handling Grief & Trauma: “I was driven to succeed because I felt like nothing for a long time…” One of the kindest people you’ll meet, Von’s passion for music literally saved his life. Von was sexually molested twice, when he was 10 years old. Scared for both himself and his family, he began writing songs and playing music and “The guitar became his counselor.” At age 42, he was able to deal with this trauma through therapy, which helped him immensely. Von also lost his son Jacob in a tragic accident in 2011 which inspired him to write the book Letters for Healing, which was nominated for the Kansas Notable Book Award. Wanting to provide resources for other parents who experience this same tragedy, Von created a not for profit organization called ForTheSurvivors.org, to provide resources to families who have lost a child. On top of all this, Von is an amazing guitarist, and a prolific songwriter. One of THE most moving conversations I’ve had the pleasure of having. One filled with compassion and empathy – and a must listen for all

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Von Kopfman is a prolific songwriter, guitarist & author from Emporia, Kansas. He recorded his first solo LP in 1994, and has written over 3,000 songs & recorded 34 LPs, including 6 LPs with his band, Big Daddy Loud – a popular regional rock band in Kansas.

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