Craig Garber – Most EMBARRASSING Mistake I Made on Everyone Loves Guitar!

On this interview, I was asked to be a guest on Jackson Henderson’s Romera Records Podcast. Here’s some of the things I spilled the beans on: Starting Everyone Loves Guitar, keys to being a good communicator (NOT what you think!), REVEALED at LAST: my 3 favorite episodes of ELG!, why “work ethic” is so important to me, Most embarrassing mistake I’ve made on ELG, the ONLY edits I EVER ask my guests to make, Behind the scenes of my marketing business and why I stopped being an online marketing guru, Identity changes I’ve made over the years, the 3 Biggest Mistakes business make when marketing their goods and services (yes, even musicians!), 3 experiences customers or clients MUST have before they’ll be interested in doing business with you, why it’s important to let others feel good about themselves…

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I started Everyone Loves Guitar podcast in September 2017, with no background in the music industry, journalism or entertainment. Today, with close to 900 original episodes and over 1200 total shows, we’re the largest long-form musicians, artists and music insiders interview show. And I’m having the time of my life – so thank you very much for listening!

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2 thoughts on “Craig Garber – Most EMBARRASSING Mistake I Made on Everyone Loves Guitar!

  1. By accident I found you.i saw a
    Why I left David Bowie by Carlos Alomar.i said this should be interesting but 2 hrs plus.
    By the end of the 2 hrs I wanted more.great interview.
    Thank You! I will look for more.

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