Chris Simmons – Leon Russell, Paul Thorn: ALMOST DIED AT 19

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On this Chris Simmons Interview: Chris talks about his career, finding satisfaction in work, taking responsibility for personal growth, recognizing personal control, not trying to control others, giving and receiving grace 

Chris, a blues guitarist, shares his journey from growing up in Alabama to playing with the Paul Thorne Band and touring with Leon Russell. He discovered his passion for the guitar at a young age and knew he wanted to play professionally. After playing in cover bands and his own original band, he made the move to Austin and later to LA. The opportunity to audition for Leon Russell changed his life, and he spent five years on the road with him, opening for artists like Elton John. This experience taught him professionalism and songwriting skills. Chris talks about being let go from Leon’s band, receiving Freddie King’s guitar as a gift from Leon, joining Paul Thorn’s band, and more

Chris discusses the power of music and live performances, overcoming dark periods in life, finding gratitude and perspective, the process of creating guitar solos, unforgettable moments in life, personal hobbies, lessons from his parents, finding joy and satisfaction in life, and more

Photo by Larry O. Gay

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