Examples of Commercials:

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Here are some of the companies that have advertised on Everyone Loves Guitar. Note that I won’t promote a product if I don’t believe it’s useful, or if I don’t think it’s worthy of my listeners time: Guitar Slip No More, Music Pro Insurance, Taylor Guitars, EMG Pickups, Sweetwater, Godin Guitars, BAM Cases, Bose, The Last Coat, Spark Amps, Be Fulfilled Journals, Lewitt Microphones, Magic Mind Productivity Drink


Guitar Slip No More – AWESOME Product!

The two ads below are for the productivity drink, Magic Mind. The first one is an audio insert that was heard on ELG audio podcasts. It drove people who are interested to the video below, which is on a dedicated page here on our website… and also on our YouTube Channel.

Check out the new RetroActive Pickups by EMG, they are GREAT!

West Florida Real Estate is a local residential real estate broker that’s helped over 250 Bay area homeowners buy and sell properties in the last 4 years alone.
Taylor Guitars & the new Grand Pacific round-shouldered dreadnought acoustic with new V-bracing technology
Homeowners insurance only pays if something happens inside your home. But MusicPro Insurance insures all your music gear, no matter where it is, anywhere in the world – even when you check it in as baggage, on an airline. Click on the logo above and get a free Gear Protection estimate
The BeFulfilledJournal comes with a 12-week online program that helps you identify and eliminate things you do that are causing you stress…
and live in more gratitude and joy

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