Sei Nakauchi Pelletier Interview, Teke Teke – BECOMING a BETTER VERSION of YOURSELF

On this Sei Nakauchi Pelletier interview: The musical influence of his parents on his career, and dealing with the loss of his father at age 13… How the success of the band was predicated on not looking into the future so much, and letting things come organically… How the band worked diligently to create a harmonious way of arranging music for 7 different players and 7 different instruments… a Super Cool story about how their song “Barbara” came together and the backstory to some of their other melodic and cinematic tracks. His top 3 musical experiences and his worst gig ever! Why he’s a simple guy and what he loves about this… Why NOT looking into the future “just made sense,” and why Staying Curious & Open Solves a LOT of Problems. Fantastic conversation with an incredibly talented composer and musician and a genuine, 100% real human being

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Sei is the founding member, bandleader and lead guitarist of the Japanese / Canadian band, Teke Teke. He is also the primary songwriter along with lead singer Maya Kuroki… and when he’s not making music, he works as a film and television composer. Musically, the band dips their toes in psychedelic rock, prog, and eleki… which is a type of surf rock native to Japan, that’s fun, melodic and exciting. There are 6 other members in the band, besides Sei, including rhythm guitar, vocalist, bass, horn player, flute, and keyboards. The band released 3 EPs and 2 Studio LPs including their latest album, Hagata. Maya sings in Japanese, but even though you don’t understand the lyrics, there’s no problem feeling the vibes and emotions of the music. Fun, great band!

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