Andy Summers Interview, The Police – Selling ERIC CLAPTON his FIRST LES PAUL

On this Andy Summers interview: Mistakes he made along the way, best decision he ever made, playing to an audience of ZERO and how this was a Daunting Experience… how growing up in rural English countryside impacted his life and his passion for music, how Eric Clapton bought his first Les Paul from Andy, having multiple #1 Songs but waiting at least TWO YEARS to get paid by the record company, a critical “very British” pep talk from Sir George Martin, The Trouble in Guitars… the origins of Andy’s effects pedals and how he got good at rhythm guitar, his top 3 guitars (of his collection of 200!), foreign films, why you should “never lose site of the target,” being a good person. Awesome, fun conversation

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As a member of The Police, Andy Summers was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2003. He’s also recorded solo albums, collaborated with other musicians, composed film scores, produced LPs, authored books and short stories, and he’s also exhibited his photography in galleries world-wide. Some fun facts about Andy: He’s released 14 solo LPs… recorded 2 LPs with Robert Fripp, who he’s known since they were kids in the UK… he’s scored major motion picture soundtracks including Weekend at Bernie’s & Down & Out in Beverly Hills… played lead guitar on an Eric Burdon & The Animals LP called Love Is… early in his career, he played with Zoot Money’s Big Roll Band, which was a bluesy psychedelic band – and that band then turned into Dantalian’s Chariot, another psychedelic band. And most of my questions originated from stories I read in Andy’s well-written biography, One Train Later. There’s also a film adaptation of the book, called Can’t Stand Losing You: Surviving The Police. Andy’s sold over 75 million records, world-wide.

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