SugaRay Rayford Interview – “MAYBE I CAN…???”

On this SugaRay Rayford interview: His challenging childhood and how Big Momma turned things around for him and his brothers… an amazing story about his unlikely journey to becoming an artist, working the casino “chitlin’ circuit”… Releasing his first LP – at age 41! What happened when he realized “I was the best me that I could be”… VERY cool backstory to some of his songs, including sharing his PTSD from when he served in Desert Storm… the PAIN of America losing its ability to be Civil, why he “Doesn’t sing anything he hasn’t lived”… being grateful to be on this side of the grass, and more. AWESOME, fun conversation

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 SugaRay Rayford is a blues & soul artist singer and songwriter. He was born in Smith County, Texas, and started singing in Church at age 7. Ray’s released 6 LPs, has won 2 Blues Music Awards, including B.B King Entertainer of the Year & Soul Blues Male Artist of the Year. His 2019 album, Somebody Save Me, was nominated for a Grammy Award. As a studio vocalist, Ray sang the theme for Judge Joe Brown & the trailer for the movie City Lights, as well as other vocal work

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