Frank Marino, Mahogany Rush – DEEP CONVO, How LSD CHANGED HIS LIFE

Frank Marino Interview: Frank’s early experimentation with LSD led him to picking up the guitar and becoming a guitar hero, but it wasn’t without a price. One of the most often overlooked guitar players out there, who’s anti-establishment mindset caused industry experts to turn, this was an amazing conversation where we discussed everything, including:

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 Why he walked away from $250,000 and his contract with Columbia Records… details of Frank’s LSD experimentation, and how guitar was the bridge from his post-LSD dream-like state into reality… God, faith, mercy… the upside and downside of signing with a record label early on in his career… how he developed his playing style, his SG and amp mods… patience, seeing good things in bad things, and more. 100% REAL:

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3 thoughts on “Frank Marino, Mahogany Rush – DEEP CONVO, How LSD CHANGED HIS LIFE

  1. Thank you Craig for this interview with Frank, it is so inspiring and have give me many answers I’m been looking for. I’m really interested in the technology parts explained by Frank, I have been a big fan of him and his music since the album Tales of the unexpected came out. I need to listen to this interview many times over again, and read the transcript.. I would like to find the writing Frank mentioned (why did they hate him), and other information from Frank and his deep understanding and wisdom of his fate in God, but don’t know where to find it.

    1. Thanks for listening Jari, and glad you enjoyed this. I don’t know where any of this information might be, and good luck in your pursuit of it!

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