Emily Davis Interview, Emily Davis & The Murder Police “Coming out was one of the toughest things to do…”

On this Emily Davis interview, dealing with bouts of depression (her “Silent Companion”) and why keeping busy musically is the best form of medicine… the incredible relief she felt when coming out, recording her first 2 LPs at the age of 20 & 21 and what drives her ambition, how the Murder Police came together and the challenges of leading a band, BEST decision she ever made, giving a massive shit, being a servant, tons of fun, awesome artist

Emily Davis is the founder, songwriter and vocalist for the El Paso, TX alternative band, Emily Davis & The Murder Police. The bands YT channel has almost 7 Million views and opened for one of the most popular punk bands of all time – Bad Religion, throughout their 2019 fall tour. In addition to being a very talented songwriter, Emily’s a brilliant lyricist. Emily Davis & The Murder Police has 2 LPs including their most recent record, Never A Moment Alone, and Emily has released 3 solo LPs as well.

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