Les Davidson Interview: Leo Sayer, Jack Bruce, Sniff ‘n The Tears “Throw yourself into the fire…”

Les grew up on a working pig farm, and talks about moving to London to get his career started… flying to LA from London to start a world-wide tour with literally one day’s notice… working with Jack Bruce, Donovan, Pete Townshend & Snuffy Walden… lessons learned, some difficult low points in his life, seeing Led Zeppelin in concert during their first British tour… smart decisions he made in NOT taking certain gigs, humility, gratitude, awareness, following your heart, and SO much more cool stuff. You’ll love this convo – Les is a first-class human

A first-call session player in the UK for 30+ years, Les has played with Leo Sayer, Joan Armatrading, Paul Rogers, Jack Bruce, Mick Taylor, Pete Brown, Bonnie Tyler, Snuffy Walden, The Corgies, Graham Bonnet, Tina Turner, Kenney Jones, Pete Townsend & loads of others, and has been a full band member of Sniff n The Tears since 1981

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