JJ Farris Interview, Slammin’ Gladys, The Tories: “Mom, I’m going to California…”

On this JJ Farris Interview, taking risks to accomplish your goals, moving from Cleveland to LA, being held hostage by record companies – twice!… Barry Manilow, JJ’s guitars & amps, learning how to deal with rejection, visualization and how this helped him, working with Jimbo Barton, family, good vibes, video games, his first E Chord through a distorted amp, licensing music and more. Super cool vibes.

J.J. Farris is a multi-instrumentalist with decades of experience playing in rock bands, high-profile session gigs and creating custom music and sound design. He’s been the lead guitarist & lead vocalist of several successful bands including RED37, The Tories, & Slammin’ Gladys, who just released a new LP called TWO. In 2002, JJ founded Reel Music, which has evolved into a massive library of music. The company also provides scores and underscores for major motion pictures and TV shows like Irresistible, (the new) Mad Max, Jason Bourne, Smurfs, Dateline, Ocean’s 8, Terminator Dark Fate, Goosebumps and hundreds of others. JJ also works with singer-songwriters from all over the world collaborating on covers that sound nothing like the original versions. These covers often exist to provide movie and tv show access to hit songs at a much cheaper rate than having to license the original song from the original artist.

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