Page Hamilton Interview, Helmet, David Bowie: “Never allow yourself to go on autopilot…”

Page talked about the most important lessons he learned from working with David Bowie, and how Bowie turned Page’s life around at a very difficult period in time… early rock and roll star behavior and the price he paid for it, playing in front of 1 BILLION people… his incredible voice, which has been roaring for over 30 years now, and how he keeps it limber and strong, musical influences (which you would NEVER imagine)… his cool vintage guitars, and much more. One of the brightest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting

Page Hamilton is most well-known for being the founder and guitar player of Helmet, a hard rock/hardcore band that’s released 8 albums including one Gold LP and a Grammy nomination. Page also  toured with David Bowie on The Hours tour, has a Master’s Degree in Jazz Guitar, played with the Band Of Susans, has scored several major motion pictures including “Heat,” “S.W.A.T.” and more… has played guitar and produced other artists, including Linkin Park and Nate Mendel (Foo Fighters), and has performed and written orchestral guitar scores with major orchestras here and in Europe

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