Cenk Erdogan Interview, Fretless Guitar Master: “Suddenly I’m in the movie I’ve been watching my whole life…”

On this Cenk Erdogan Interview: How an internal tumor changed his perspective and his priorities in life, tons of cool stories and great vibes on this one! A very compelling overview of Turkey: the incredibly busy and vibrant music and licensing scene, culture, ethnicity and personal relationships… getting turned on to Pink Floyd and Buddy Guy from his dad, as well as jazz, classical and Turkish folk music, and how Paco de Lucia and a few mentors led to his fascination with fretless guitar and microtones. Cenk plays fretless guitar as well as a beautiful Turkish instrument called a yayli tanbur – one of the most moving things anyone has done on the show… GREAT stories on how he landed his first soundtrack score (which won Soundtrack of the year), the gig for producing all the soundscapes and ringtones for the largest phone company in Turkey, and other performances… how he developed his work ethic, eggs benedict, Anchorage, cooking, Turkish bazaars, LOADS of other cool stuff. Just fantastic, passionate & energetic – ya gotta believe! 

From Istanbul, Turkey… Cenk is recognized world-wide as one of the leading players of fretless guitar. In 2008 he recorded his first album, and in that same year, he composed and arranged the soundtrack for the movie“Issız Adam,” and won “Soundtrack of the Year 2009.” His trio has played in jazz festivals throughout Turkey… has released 7 LPs… composes the ringtones and soundscapes for the very first smart phone “VENÜS” made by Vestel Company… and has participated in 2 world tours of International Guitar Night. Most recently, he did this tour with Mike Dawes, Olli Soikkeli, and Jim Kimo West.

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