Martin Miller Interview: “I ate the biggest humble pie ever that day…”

On this Martin Miller Interview: What he learned from his early years growing up in East Germany before the wall came down, the integrity he brings to both his music and his teaching, what motivates and drives him, how ignoring external advice and staying true to himself contributed to his online success, his 3 top musical experiences, overcoming a particularly dark period in his life, “Hello Fresh,” time for reflection, being a doer and not a talker, worth ethic, discipline, on being a late bloomer and loads more cool stuff. AWESOME enthusiasm and very real, great convo!

A solo artist, Martin plays solo gigs and with his Martin Miller Session Band, has toured the world solo, and with Tom Quayle. As a session player has recorded with Dave Weckl, Guthrie Govan, Stu Hamm, Andy Timmons, Tom Quayle, Federico Malaman, Eric Marienthal, Mark Lettieri, Kirk Fletcher, Paul Gilbert , Heaven Shall Burn and loads of others. Also produces records a well. Martin has been a professor at the College of Music in Dresden, Germany since 2015 with a double music degree in Jazz/Rock/Pop Guitar, and a second major in Music Pedagogy

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