Ryan Newell Interview, Sister Hazel: “If I want to have a great day, I can make that happen…”

On this Ryan Newell interview, the challenges Sister Hazel faced early on, and how they launched their career… how the 5 band members have gotten along for 30 years, dealing with divorce, learning to be financially responsible, how he got into playing SG’s, best decision he ever made, letting go of worry, best childhood memory, not sweating the small stuff and more. Very open and honest

Ryan Newell is the original lead guitarist of Sister Hazel, since 1993. Their first major label LP “… Somewhere More Familiar” was certified platinum, the band has sold over 2 million LPs, released 14 LPs and tours about 100 shows a year. The band founded The Rock Boat, an annual cruise since 2001, the Lyrics for Life charity, and hosts a variety of fan-centered events around the country

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