Eddie Van Halen Tribute, 16 shredders share their EVH Story: Collen, Dawes, Kollman, Stevens & more


On this Eddie Van Halen Tribute, 16 top guitarists pay homage by sharing EVH stories, memories and experiences:

00:00 Craig Garber Intro

02:27 Dave Amato, REO Speedwagon

08:58 Zach Blair, Rise Against

13:43 Doug Bossi

19:26 Phil Collen, Def Leppard

23:44 Mike Dawes

25:25 Daniel Donato

25:51 Rob Garland

32:37 Derry Grehan, Honeymoon Suite

38:33 Jeff Kollman, Cosmosquad

48:40 Aaron McLain, Air Supply

51:15 Steve Morse, Deep Purple / Dixie Dregs

55:29 Nick Perri, Underground Thieves

1:00:43 Doug Rappoport, Edgar Winter Group

1:05:36 Alex Skolnick

1:13:33 Steve Stevens, Billy Idol

1:18:03 Brian Young

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