Jason Hall Interview, Western Addiction: “I came up with the name for Quibi” (100% True!)

Jason Hall Interview: How he transformed himself from a shy introvert to lead singer and front man of an international touring punk band… how he came up with the name of the company Quibi, parenting and how it’s changed him, new creative ways to solve problems, why some songs work (and why some don’t!), moving to San Francisco and how this expanded his mind, dealing with a threatening health issue, Conceptual Blockbusting, finding the filthiest music, Japan, mellowing and loads more cool stuff from this creative, family man

Jason Hall is the primary songwriter and singer for the San Francisco hardcore band Western Addiction. The band toured Europe, Japan, and the states, and has released 3LPs since 2005. Their new record is called Frail Bray – old school classic style short, high-energy loud punk rock songs  

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