Will Hoge Interview, “I’m probably 70% calmer because I’ve worked at it, and 30% calmer from time…”

Will Hoge Interview: Dropping out of college to become a musician, GREAT story about hitting the big-time and signing with Atlantic and meeting with Ahmet Ertegun and then getting out of that same contract a short time later… the discipline and hard work involved to build and grow his career, writing a #1 hit song, overcoming a serious long-term accident, the backstory to some of his recent songs (interesting), standing up for what is right and fair, becoming more vulnerable, 100% REAL Great convo

Will Hoge Interview: Will Hoge is an Americana artist from Nashville. Through great songwriting and incessant touring, Will’s developed a solid fanbase, allowing him to release 6 Live & 14 Studio records including his most recent LP, Tiny Little Movies. Will received a Country Music Association nomination, an Academy of Country Music nomination and a Grammy nomination for “Country Song of the Year” for “Even If It Breaks Your Heart,” his #1 hit song recorded by the Eli Young Band

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