Lincoln Brewster Interview: Leaving the music business turned into his greatest career move!

Lincoln Brewster Interview: WAAAY DEEP Conversation! Lincoln talks about the stress and anxiety he grew up in, his conversion experience that allowed him to feel the peace he’d never felt before… a great story how at 19, he landed the gig with Steve Perry… how leaving the music business and going to work for a church inadvertently turned into the greatest career move he ever made… dealing with depression, anxiety, and a period of time where he questioned his faith, his Fender signature strat, mellowing, and loads more. 100% REAL, very cool

Lincoln Brewster Interview: Lincoln Brewster is a contemporary Christian guitarist, singer, and songwriter & the senior worship pastor at Bayside Church in Granite Bay, California. He was the lead guitarist for Steve Perry’s (Journey) solo project For the Love of Strange Medicine, and toured with Perry for 6 months. Lincoln’s about to release his 10th LP & as a sideman, has played with Darrell Evans, Michael W Smith & others

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One thought on “Lincoln Brewster Interview: Leaving the music business turned into his greatest career move!

  1. Hi Lincoln, my name is Rodney Shaw. I have an ES-335, that is in a good as or maybe better condition than most reissue guitars now available (Strats and Gibsons). It was built in 1959-1960 and contains fingerboard woods that are no longer available to current reissue guitars now available. If you are interested as a collector, you may see it and play it at my home. During your telcon with me you assured me that your father was an expert on Gibson guitars, so if you wanted hiim to view it also he is welcome to come. The current crop of 335’s that I have seen, seem to have finger boards that are ate up, or front and backs that are all scratiched, you will be surprised. Rodney Shaw

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