Fernando Perdomo Interview – Dave Kerzner, Echo In The Canyon – Funny story about telling J-Lo she sounds too much like… J-Lo!

Fernando Perdomo created his first big break while living in Miami, out of the desperation he was feeling by not doing music full-time. 20 years later, he’s toured all over the world, and produced well over 100 records for others. Funny story about working with J Lo on his first session, the leap of faith he took moving to LA, his vintage guitars, working with Todd Rundgren, Echo in the Canyon, and Dexter, most important thing his mentor taught him (great lesson for all musicians), bouncing back, not comparing yourself to others and more

An in-demand LA producer, singer/songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Fernando was part of the house band, and in the Echo In The Canyon movie. He’s worked with Todd Rungren, Linda Perhacs, Dean Ford (Marmalade), Dave Kerzner Christian Castro and others. He’s done TV music for Honda, Target, McDonalds, Goya, Dunkin’ Donuts, Toyota, Shameless and Dexter, and has released 10 solo LPs in the last 4 years as a singer / songwriter and as prog rock instrumentalist

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