Dan Baird Interview – Georgia Satellites “Can I learn to ride out the heavy shit?…”

Dan Baird Interview: AMAZING stories inside. What happens to a band when it’s collective members no longer have a common goal, the dynamics of working with Brendan O’Brien and Rick Rubin, GREAT Neil Young story, beating cancer (Twice!), the highs and lows of making records, getting his solo career going, his cool guitars, curiosity, work ethic, passion to grow and learn, opening for Bob Seger & Tom Petty, LOADS more cool stuff. This one’s a MUST:

Dan Baird is best known as the writer, lead singer and rhythm guitarist from the 1980s rock band The Georgia Satellites. Baird formed the band in 1980 and released 6 LPs with them. He left the band in 1990 to pursue a solo career, and as a solo artist, with Homemade Sin & a variety of other projects, has released 14 LPs and a double DVD

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