Miles Okazaki Interview

Using guitar to overcome shyness, moving from a small town in Washington state to NYC, performing well under pressure and the benefit of working with mentors… working with Stanley Turrentine, John Zorn, Steve Coleman… dealing with divorce and some other low points, cooking, being of service to others, self-care, and why his pastry game is pretty good. Great work ethic, passionate musician.

Miles Okazaki is a NYC based guitarist whose main focus is on rhythmic concepts for improvisation, composition, and music theory. As a sideman, he’s played with artists like Kenny Barron, John Zorn, Stanley Turrentine, Dan Weiss, Steve Coleman & Five Elements, and others. Miles has also released 5 LPs of original compositions and a 6-LP recording of the complete compositions of Thelonious Monk for solo guitar, called Work. His most recent LP is The Sky Below

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