Teddy Kumpel Interview – Joe Jackson, Solo Artist – Everyone Loves Guitar

A talented side man and solo artist, Teddy’s been touring and recording with Joe Jackson since 2015. He’s also played with Rickie Lee Jones, Feist, Phil Lesh, Nine Inch Nails, Paquito D’Rivera, Tower of Power and loads of others… has released several records as a band leader, and has also worked on major motion picture scores.

Teddy shares some incredibly big challenges he dealt deal with in his childhood and the fallout on him as an adult – and how he’s managed to handle things and rise above. Getting the gig with Joe Jackson, Tower of Power (which he turned down), Phil Lesh, Nine Inch Nails… his latest record, Loopestra Volume One, marriage, New York City, Xian Famous Foods, loads more. POWER PACKED episode with an extremely talented player and true survivor!

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