Eddie Martinez Interview – Stanley Clarke, Robert Palmer, Mick Jagger, David Lee Roth – Everyone Loves Guitar

Lifetime sideman who’s just released his 2nd (AMAZING) record, Akosua. Eddie’s played with Robert Palmer, Stanley Clarke, Lenny White, George Duke, Blondie, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Steve Winwood, Rod Stewart, Mick Jagger, David Lee Roth, Joe Cocker, Lou Reed, Lou Gramm… and has performed on hundreds of major motion pictures and jingles

LOADS of stories here, about playing with Blondie, Lenny White, Stanley Clarke & George Duke, Robert Palmer, Steve Winwood, David Lee Roth (NOT what you might be thinking), Run DMC, Lou Reed… the making of Eddie’s new LP, Bernard Edwards’ influence, growing up in the South Bronx and leaving NYC (toughest decision he’s ever made), his biggest regret, Chinese fast food, LOADS more really cool stuff. GREAT guy: 

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Craig Garber

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