Steve Hunter Interview- Alice Cooper, Lou Reed, Peter Gabriel – Everyone Loves Guitar

WOW! Living legend Steve Hunter opens up about LOADS of really cool stuff. Steve’s responsible for a ton of famous licks with people like Lou Reed, Alice Cooper, Peter Gabriel, Aerosmith, Jack Bruce, David Lee Roth, Julian Lennon, Glen Campbell, Dr. John & more. He’s also recorded with Joe Satriani, Joe Perry, Johnny Depp, Marty Friedman, Michael Lee Firkins, Tony Levin, Tommy Henriksen, Jason Becker, 2Cellos & Karen Ann Hunter

Steve shares stories about getting drafted into the Army at 19, and the tremendous benefits he got out of this experience… GREAT story about some dark times and how he got out of them… an unusual conversation he had with BB King, which changed his life… his experiences with Bob Ezrin, Aerosmith, Lou Reed & Jason Becker, top 3 musical experiences (NOT what you’re thinking), falling in love at 59 & LOADS more cool stuff. Amazing history from one of the great rock and roll guitarists of our time:





Craig Garber

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