Dave Roe Interview – Johnny Cash, Dan Auerbach, Jerry Reed – Everyone Loves Guitar #296

WOW. More cool stories here than you will ever hear in any other 1-hour interview you might listen to over the course of your entire life. 5-time Grammy winner Dave Roe has played with like, almost everyone. Besides being Johnny Cash’s last bassist from 1992 – 2003 (and what a Johnny Cash story he’ll share with you), he’s also played with Ian Hunter, Carrie Underwood, Chrissie Hynde, Dan Auerbach, Sturgill Simpson, Jerry Reed, Dwight Yoakam, John Mellencamp, Chet Atkins, CeeLo Green, Vince Gill, Duane Eddy, Faith Hill, Rick Vito, Ray Lamontagne, Gretchen Peters and literally hundreds of others.

Dave talks about growing up in Hawaii… moving to Nashville (his first gig was with Jerry Reed)… the incredible career path he’s had that’s forced him to continue growing as a player and as a musician… some pretty harsh mistakes he made and how he wound up correcting them… his little-known musical genre passion… and some wonderful lessons he’s learned from some tuition he’s had to pay. FANTASTIC conversation – REAL, RAW, and UNCUT, this one’s a MUST:

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Craig Garber

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