Grace Askew Interview – The Voice – Everyone Loves Guitar #295

Grace won 1st place in the Unsigned Only, International, and John Lennon Songwriting Contests… made it to the final 32 on Season 4 of The Voice in 2013… has released 6 solo albums… has over a decade of touring under her belt… and is currently in the middle of a 365 day challenge, where she is writing 1 song every day and sharing it on her Instagram account

Grace opened up about the ups and downs of her 365 challenge… getting sober and getting married (in the same year!)… here inspiring work ethic… how she wound up getting several major company endorsements simply by starting her 365 challenge – and how one thing always leads to another if you’re doing it authentically… the disappointment of her first solo album which cost a lot to make, and how she came back strong and wound up producing herself and recording in an old house… what really makes her happy, and more. Tons of energy on this call:





Craig Garber

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