Niklas Kallgren (Dango) Interview – Truckfighters – Everyone Loves Guitar #269

Niklas Kallgren (Dango) Interview – Truckfighters – Everyone Loves Guitar #269

Over 10 years, Truckfighters released 6 full-length albums and an EP. On top of this Dango mixed, engineered, and produced each record… started a record label – Fuzzorama Records – that is still quite active… produced a full-length documentary… and toured the world performing close to 1,000 shows. Then, mysteriously… the band sent out an e-mail stating they were no longer going to be making records. On this interview, Dango reveals exactly why

He also shares the biggest obstacles in starting a record label, and the toughest challenges about being in the music business… why he loves a little-known guitar Gibson put out, called the SGGT… how he managed to do things his own way – and the value of this… family, balancing life and work, and much more. REALLY interesting conversation with a bright, ambitions musician and writer, and just a terrific guitar player…





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