Zane Carney Interview – John Mayer, Avril LaVigne, Johnny Lang – Everyone Loves Guitar #268

Zane Carney Interview – Everyone Loves Guitar #268

Originally a child actor, Zane was John Mayer’s guitarist in the studio and on tour for the Paradise Valley album. He’s also worked with Avril LaVigne, Bono & Edge from U2, David Foster, Justin Timberlake, Don Was, and Johnny Lang

This call was all over the place. Zane talked about the ups and downs of growing up as a child actor… things he learned working with John Mayer… how audiences react differently, all over the world… Zane’s two sides: the nerdy intelectual video game player and the bohemian artist, and how he tries to reconcile them both… connecting, curiosity, Lyme disease, and more:





Craig Garber

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