What happened BEFORE Everyone Loves Guitar…?

You probably don’t know this about me, but I’ve been making a living as a copywriter and a marketing consultant since March of 2000. Which means, I’ve written… a LOT, over the years.

In fact, there was a point in time, probably in the late 2000’s – say 2007 – 2009… where I might have been more comfortable writing an email or a letter to someone, that talking to them in person or on the phone. Not because I was uncomfortable talking, but because I was SO used to writing SO much… that was kind of more my norm.

Now I have some other business projects I’m involved with… and while I still write quite a bit, it’s nowhere near the volume I used to write. And so, lately… I find myself actually missing writing again.

So what I’m going to do moving forward, is… I’ll occasionally post some thoughts I’m having, right here on this blog. Some of these thoughts will no doubt be related to Everyone Loves Guitar – the show, the guests, and just probably some behind the scenes stuff… And other thoughts will probably will have nothing to do with the show, but more stuff I’ve been thinking about, or things I may have experienced.

If you want to get hip to when I do post something on the blog, make sure you’re signed up on my email list – I’ll send out an email whenever I post something here. I’m also going to try and start making some Behind The Scenes videos as well, on our YouTube Channel. And if you want a heads up on these upcoming videos, again… sign up to our email list, or Subscribe to our YouTube channel. I think some topics lend themselves more to writing (like thoughts or observations)… and some topics (like cool experiences or interactions) might lend themselves more to video.

Time will tell, right?

Also, feel free to post your own comments and thoughts about any of these blog posts, underneath the post. Let me know if there are any topics or questions you’re curious about… and I’ll do my best to get to them, either here or on these upcoming YouTube videos.

As always, thanks for listening to Everyone Loves Guitar… and for reading this 🙂

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