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On this Mike Dimkic Interview, Mike talks about growing up with a single mother who worked for Teen Magazine and was exposed to various music genres, and influenced his love for music. He also discusses the impact of divorce on his childhood & his father’s past as a successful UCLA athlete… how he connected with Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols, his early influences and the impact of punk rock, joining Steve Jones’ band and the challenges they faced… the significance of life-changing events and how they shape a person… advice to aspiring musicians… how he connected with The Cult, and touring with Metallica… working in a shoe store full-time… feeling stagnant in The Cult and discovering Bad Religion, his audition for Bad Religion & the initial challenges of learning Bad Religion’s songs… how growth as a guitar player in Bad Religion and the enjoyment he finds in playing music with the band. Lessons learned from getting older and the importance of appreciating the present moment… changes in his personality over the years and the importance of being less concerned with others’ opinions. He emphasizes the value of experiences over material possessions and the joy he finds in playing music

Since 2013, Mike’s been one of the co-guitarists in one of the biggest selling punk rock bands ever, Bad Religion. Mike started his career playing in California Punk bands. After connecting with Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols, he opened with Steve for The Cult. The Cult then asked Mike to join them as rhythm guitarist in 1993, and he was with them for 20 years. He also played on Suckerpunch’s self-titled LP. Mike’s a competitive cyclist and a former competitive long-distance runner

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