Jim Wilson – Mother Superior, Motor Sister, Rollins Band: ROLLINS TAUGHT ME A LOT

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On this Jim Wilson Interview, Jim talks about growing up in Delaware and MOVING to Los Angeles to pursue music. Stories about working at Tower Records and his encounters with Michael Jackson… the challenges and successes of forming and growing Mother Superior… putting out their first record independently… working with Henry Rollins, recording over 100 songs with him, and the takeaways from touring with Henry. We took a deep dive into specific songs like ‘Illuminations,’ ‘Wounded Animal,’ ‘Pain,’ & ‘Mama,’ Jim shares insights into his songwriting process and the inspirations behind his lyrics. Recording with George Clinton, playing in Japan, and working with Sparks and Daniel Lanois. Jim emphasizes the importance of patience and pacing in his career and the influence of his parents on his musical journey, lessons learned from getting older, and more. AWESOME and fun convo, with a very sincere artist

Jim Wilson’s a founding member of the hard rock & blues band Mother Superior. The band released 10 LPs between 1993 & 2008. In 1999, Jim and the other members of Mother Superior were asked by Henry Rollins to back him up, and they became the 2nd incarnation of the Rollins Band. From 2000 to 2002, the band released 3 studio & 2 live LPs and one LP filled with Black Flag songs, which was recorded for charity. In 2015, Jim, along with Scott Ian from Anthrax and Scott’s wife, Pearl Aday (Meatloaf’s daughter) started a band called Motor Sister. The band released 2 LPs’, Ride (which had 12 covers of Mother Superior songs) and an LP of all originals called Get Off. Jim’s also been Daniel Lanois’ bassist and vocalist since 2002… in the late 2000’s he toured and recorded with Sparks, and Emmylou Harris. Jim also co-writes and records with Pearl Aday on her 3 solo LPs, and has a solo LP of his own, called Now Playing, which he made with Phil Jones. 

Jim’s written songs and played on recordings for artists including Alice Cooper, Meat Loaf, George Clinton, Iggy Pop, and Lemmy. And as if that’s not enough, Jim also hosts 2 online radio shows called The Vinyl Shelf & Radio Rewind. Jim’s an OUTSTANDING talent in all areas – guitar, writing, singing, and arranging

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