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In this Rene Merideth interview, the co-founder and COO of Exploration, shares her journey in the music industry. She discusses her early involvement with music as a roadie for her grandfather’s gospel music band, the importance of problem-solving, confidence, and the ability to adapt. Rene shares her experience studying music business at Belmont University and the transition to artist management and publishing. She encourages artists to take control of their careers and not be afraid to promote themselves. 

Rene shares her journey of finding order in chaos and taking a leap of faith by moving to Los Angeles. She discusses her experience starting at Windswept and becoming the head of West Coast licensing at BMG. Rene explains the complexities of mechanical licensing and the impact of Metallica’s fight for the music industry. Finally, she introduces Exploration’s copyright administration services. 

This part of the conversation focuses on the support and services provided by Exploration in managing YouTube channels and dealing with copyright claims. It also highlights the importance of clean data and human interaction in music administration.  Rene offfers practical advice for artists in handling business aspects and difficult situations. She shares her experiences working with artists and their management, emphasizing the need to be adaptable in building relationships. 

Rene also addresses the issue of sexual harassment and abuse, emphasizing the need for support and understanding… the lessons learned from getting older, including the challenges of perimenopause. She emphasizes the importance of always betting on yourself and speaking truth to power. 

Renee also discusses her involvement with Janey’s Fund, an organization that helps abused and neglected girls.

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