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In this episode, Craig Garber shares his experiences and insights on maintaining a positive outlook and finding happiness. He discusses the importance of happiness and how it is a choice that everyone can make. Craig reflects on his difficult childhood and how it shaped his perspective on life. He emphasizes the benefits of developing coping skills and managing stress. Craig also talks about the role of belief in a higher power and surrendering outcomes. He highlights the power of gratitude and the impact it has on maintaining a positive attitude. Craig concludes by encouraging listeners to embrace happiness in the present and let go of the past.


Happiness is a choice that everyone can make.

Difficult experiences can shape our perspective and provide opportunities for growth.

Developing coping skills and managing stress are essential for maintaining a positive outlook.

Belief in a higher power and surrendering outcomes can alleviate stress and anxiety.

Practicing gratitude can lead to a more positive attitude.

Embracing happiness in the present and letting go of the past is key to finding joy

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