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00:00 Introduction and Background

02:06 Early Influences and Musical Journey

07:01 Discovering Rock Music and Forming Bands

11:15 Challenges and Trauma in the Desert

13:46 Influence of Kurt Cobain and Resentment

15:33 Starting to Play Professionally

18:59 Transition to Solo Career

22:36 Review of Songs: Razorlike

23:58 Review of Songs: Poet of the Damned

29:59 Review of Songs: Fader

32:47 Review of Songs: The Demon

36:37 Review of Songs: Hideaway

38:42 Confronting Childhood Trauma

50:31 Favorite Guitars

56:06 Worst Gig Ever

57:50 First Album Bought

01:05:12 Unforgettable Moments

01:11:57 Lessons from Getting Older

01:14:12 Best Decision Made

01:15:45 Fatherhood

01:16:01 Energy

01:16:07 Important Lessons from Father

01:19:00 Lessons from Father and Mother

01:20:43 Hobbies and Interests

01:21:26 Favorite Travel Destinations

01:22:35 Best Advice Received

01:24:50 Most Fun Experience

01:25:30 Personal Growth and Change


In this Imaad Wasif interview: Imaad, a musician, artist, guitarist, songwriter, and singer, shares his musical journey and influences with Craig Garber on the Everyone Loves Guitar podcast. Ahmad discusses growing up in Western Canada and the challenges his family faced due to religious persecution. 

He talks about discovering rock music and forming bands, as well as the impact of Kurt Cobain and the grunge era. Imaad also shares his transition to a solo career and the inspiration behind some of his songs, including ‘Razorlike,’ ‘Poet of the Damned,’ ‘Fader,’ and ‘The Demon.’ He also discusses his collaboration with Karen O for the movie ‘Where the Wild Things Are.’ 

In this part of the conversation, Imaad Wasif discusses his experience with childhood trauma and the importance of confronting it. He also shares his favorite guitars and talks about the worst gig he ever had. 

Imaad reflects on the first album he bought and the unforgettable moments he has had in his life. He discusses the lessons he has learned from getting older and the best decision he ever made. Finally, he talks about the energy he possesses and the important lessons he learned from his father. Imaad shares lessons he learned from his father and mother, the importance of recognizing negativity, and the value of discipline. 

He also talks about his love for cooking, his favorite travel destinations, and the best advice he has received. Additionally, he reflects on personal growth and the changes he has experienced over the past 10 years.


Confronting childhood trauma is essential for personal growth and healing.

Favorite guitars can have a significant impact on a musician’s sound and style.

Even experienced musicians can have challenging gigs that teach valuable lessons.

The first album someone buys can have a lasting impact on their musical taste and influences.

Unforgettable moments can shape a person’s perspective and inspire creativity.

Getting older brings awareness and the importance of being giving.

Fatherhood can be a transformative experience that teaches accountability and selflessness.

Embracing one’s energy and regenerative power can be a source of strength and positivity.

Lessons from fathers can shape a person’s values and guide their actions. Lessons from parents can shape one’s perspective and approach to life.

Recognizing negativity and choosing not to be consumed by it is important for personal well-being.

Discipline is a key factor in achieving success.

Hobbies and interests outside of one’s profession can provide balance and enjoyment.

Traveling to new places can be a source of inspiration and wonder.

Receiving advice from experienced individuals can offer valuable insights and guidance.

Personal growth often involves learning patience and embracing vulnerability.

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