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00:00 Introduction and Background

01:42 Switching from Drums to Guitar

05:32 Discovering Songwriting

09:11 Taking a Drum Lesson from Bernard Purdie

13:17 Relationship with Father and Attention

16:14 Meeting Steve Gadd

21:47 Reconnecting with Father and Career Opportunities 

25:06 Cutting Ties with Family

29:45 Choosing Paula Abdul over Chaka Khan

38:31 Unexpected Encounters

39:30 Life in Vermont

41:21 Meeting Reb Beach

44:15 Memories with Maria Dylan (Bob’s Daughter)

44:36 Taking a Chance on Paul Abdul

48:54 Choosing Paula Abdul over Chaka Khan

50:44 Believing in Yourself

53:36 Dealing with Contracts and Lawyers

58:39 Life After ‘Forever Your Girl’

01:07:08 Moving Up in the Music Industry

01:12:07 The Financial Impact

01:13:36 Staying Sober Through Success

01:15:36 Star Search and Sobriety

01:25:16 Touring with Rod Stewart

01:44:19 1982 and Prisoners of Rock

02:34:47 The Importance of Sensitivity in Music and Creativity

02:35:58 Favorite Song: ‘Time Machine’

02:37:07 Top Three Desert Island Discs

02:38:27 Underrated Guitarists: Albert Collins

02:39:37 Lessons Learned from Getting Older

02:40:25 What Oliver Likes Most About Himself

02:41:17 Best Childhood Memory: Zippy the Chimp

02:43:06 Hobbies Outside of Music and Sports: Scuba Diving

02:45:45 Reconciling Negative Voices and Comparisons

02:56:26 The Softening of Oliver’s Personality

In this Oliver Leiber Interview: Oliver shares his journey in the music industry and his sometimes harsh & dysfunctional relationship with his father, Jerry Lieber – of Leiber & Stoller songwriting fame. He discusses his transition from drums to guitar, discovering his songwriting abilities, and taking a drum lesson from Bernard Purdie. Oliver also reflects on meeting his musical heroes, including Steve Gadd, and the challenges of reconnecting with his father. He shares the story of turning down a collaboration with Chaka Khan to work with Paula Abdul, highlighting his desire to stand on his own and not rely on his father’s connections. Other stories of unexpected encounters, his time in boarding school in Vermont, and meeting Reb Beach. He also discusses his relationship with Maria Dylan (Bob’s daughter) and the choices he made in his career

Oliver reflects on the challenges he faced in the music industry and the tremendous financial & career impact of his first gig as a producer – Paula Abdul’s LP, Forever Your Girl, which sold 50 Million copies. Throughout it all, he emphasizes the importance of believing in oneself and staying sober. Cool stories about his experiences with Star Search, his journey to sobriety, and his time touring with Rod Stewart. He also discusses the importance of sensitivity in music and creativity. He shares his favorite song, ‘Time Machine,’ which he wrote about his divorce.

He reflects on the lessons learned from getting older and discusses what he likes most about himself. He discusses how he has reconciled negative voices and comparisons and that negative little voice in your head. Finally, Oliver talks about the softening of his personality over the years.

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