On this Joanne Shaw Taylor Interview: How she started gigging at 14, learning to write songs on her own, how music helped heal emotional wounds, losing her mum to breast cancer, dealing with financial low points in her career, her worst gig ever, the naivete of her youth… her main guitars and how she got them… why she doesn’t listen to new blues OR guitar music, cooking, reading & the outdoors, why your gigs are never as good or as bad as you think, how she stopped giving a f-ck, Hank, and why it’s best if “You do you.” LOVELY conversation with a first-class professional who’s also a lot of fun

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Originally from England, Joanne Shaw Taylor’s a blues guitarist. Joanne’s been playing live since she was a teenager and currently lives in Nashville. She won Best Female Vocalist at the British Blues Awards, twice, as well as Songwriter of the Year. Joanne released 11 albums including her latest, Nobody’s Fool which features Dave Stewart, Joe Bonamassa & Carmen Vandenberg who we had on here on the show a while ago. Joanne’s currently touring the states, so check her out when she’s nearby. 

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