On this Dom Martin Interview: Learning guitar the hard way, and never giving up. Overcoming drug addiction, alcohol and a chaotic upbringing. Going from living on the streets in Belfast to creating a new, healthy, sober life for himself… Interesting backstories to some of his coolest songs… dealing with a major breakup…  literally “leaving town” and his old life completely behind him… Top 3 guitars in his stable… Staying with his father when his health deteriorated and he passed… Overcoming everything that tried to overcome him… Why you should always “Be yourself and never try to impress”… And a GREAT life lesson about asking yourself, “What would your future self think of this?, and much more. AWESOME & candid conversation with this very cool, talented and humble artist

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Hailing from Belfast, Ireland… Dom Martin is, in my opinion THE hottest blues artist I’ve heard in MANY years, and if he can get a few breaks, he’s going to the the next big thing in blues. And I haven’t said this about any artist I’ve had on this show, of the 920 something guests I’ve had.   
His songwriting is original, and he knows how to make you feel something whether he’s playing electric, acoustic, or slide guitar. Since 2019, Dom’s released a live album and 3 Studio LPs, including his latest album which just came out, called Buried in the Hail. I’ve listened to Dom’s catalog MANY times in the 2 months or so I’ve been familiar with him. He’s got me through MANY workouts, car rides, and walks. 

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