Jim Oblon: The PRICE to GROW vs. the PRICE NOT TO

Jim’s First In-Depth Interview: https://youtu.be/x_rJ70wf2ws?si=5ObilAqOW2fxsRzt 

On this Jim Oblon interview:  His unique picking style and how he developed it… “fake shredding,” his unique guitar invention, The Monochord… stories about playing with Jim Keltner and “Keltner’s Matic,” stress levels of working as an artist vs working as a side man… voodoo rhythm, why “There’s a price attached to trying to better yourself, and there’s a price attached to NOT doing this, as well…” doing the right thing and why “Sometimes, you have to walk away.” Lovely and genuine, as always…

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Jim Oblon was born into a musical family in Connecticut, and he started playing professionally at age 12. Jim’s a very rare breed because he’s a phenomenal guitarist, and he’s equally adept at drums. He’s played on 5 Paul Simon LPs and did multiple world tours with Paul Simon… playing guitar, bass and drums on Paul Simon’s 2011 album “So Beautiful Or So What,” which was produced by Phil Ramone. Also worked for Phil Ramone as a studio musician (outside of Paul Simon). Other sideman gigs include most recently touring and performing on Lucinda Williams’ latest LP, playing on Andrea Zonn’s recording “Rise” along with Steve Gadd, Willie Weeks, Vince Gill… as well as records with artists Rodney Crowell, Swamp Dogg, Janis Ian and others.

Jim has a new album out called I Want to Be Loved, it’s an album of cool Jimmy Reed blues covers – this a duo record with Jim Keltner playing drums and Jim playing everything else. I’m excited to let you know Jim Oblon is also the guy who wrote, played and produced the opening and closing bumper music for the audio version of the Everyone Loves Guitar Talk Show & Podcast.

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