Matteo Mancuso Interview – INCREDIBLE Story Behind His SHOCKING RIGHT-HAND PICKING Style!

On this Matteo Mancuso interview: Why he isn’t a “social media sensation” and his #1 goal that REALLY drives him… Backstory to some of the best tracks off his new album, The Journey… Lessons learned from recording his first LP, why Playing Live is “More about feeling than execution,” and the interesting way he came to this conclusion, a low point in his life and his guitar playing – and why this happened… The most difficult part of his technique, that he’s worked on improving the most… the ONE THING that’s happened to him that’s allowed him to become the person he is today, his capacity to stay calm in all sorts of situations… his tremendous sense of gratitude and not taking anything for granted, and who told him why “He’ll do best in life if he’s doing the thing he likes the most.” GREAT conversation, with a super cool and incredibly professional young man – we’ll be hearing a LOT more from Matteo over the next several years!

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Only 26 years old, Matteo is an incredibly proficient guitarist who grew up in Palermo, which is the capital of the Island of Sicily, which is of course, part of Italy. His father was a successful session player as well as a big influence on Matteo. Matteo’s playing is pretty amazing, and his playing technique is incredibly unique, and we’ll talk about these things today. Matteo graduated from the Palermo Conservatory of Music with honors, in jazz guitar, and has played loads of jazz festivals including the Umbria, Bremen International, Eddie Lang, Lugano, Uppsala, New Ross Guitar, and Spoleto Jazz Festivals – and this is all only in the last couple of years. He just released a new LP called The Journey, and it’s fantastic.

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