George Harris Interview, The Raven Age – Just STICK to YOUR GUNS & TRUST YOUR GUT

On this George Harris interview: Dealing with a scary recent illness… the story behind how George began composing songs, and how writing lyrics helped him grow, emotionally… The stress of changing band members, backstory to some of George’s songs with quite emotional lyrics and their meaning… the difference in audiences all over the world, and how this affects performers… his 3 top musical experiences, the MOST IMPORTANT ADVICE his dad (Steve Harris, Iron Maiden’s bass player) gave him, getting past low points in his career and life, most embarrassing thing that’s happened to him in the studio… #1 thing that’s bringing him the most joy, and more. Super cool and fun conversation! 

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George is one of the founding members of The Raven Age, a very tight, heavy metal band from London that’s released 3 full-length LPs and an EP, since 2017. He’s the primary composer and one of the two guitarists, and he’s incredibly prolific when it comes to writing. The band’s played over 400 shows internationally across 38 countries including main stage at Download Festival, Rock in Rio, Wacken, Hellfest and more, as well as touring with Killswitch Engage, Volbeat, Shinedown, Alter Bridge and Iron Maiden. Their latest LP is called Blood Omen. George is a hell of a guitarist, and he’s actually the son of Steve Harris from Iron Maiden.

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