Kavus Torabi Interview, Gong, Knifeworld, UtopiaStrong – From MISFIT to LEAD MAN!

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On this Kavus Torabi interview: Why where there is choice, there is misery and where there is clarity, there is no choice. Kavus’ insatiable obsession with and respect for music, and how this has guided him. Cool stories about being influenced by Stray Cats, Iron Maiden. Voivod, Gong and Cardiacs… Top 3 Musical Experiences, going mental during Covid… How he once literally emptied a festival, humility, his cool hobbies, and why… once you can fake sincerity, you’ve got it made. Awesome convo, open and honest with a lovely guy. Great vibes on this one!

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Kavus is a multi-instrumentalist who was a member of the popular progressive group Cardiacs, and is currently the lead guitarist and frontman for the current lineup of the legendary psychedelic band Gong, as well as his own projects including Knifeworld, and the Utopia Strong. Kavus frequently collaborates with other artists in the prog and avant-garde genres, and he is co-author of the book Medical Grade Music, along with Steve Davis, a well-known British Snooker player, DJ, and Kavus’ band mate in the Utopia Strong. This is a fun, and incredibly well-written autobiography of both men. In general, if you like unconventional psychedelic rock and avant-garde music, Kavus is your man – go out and listen to everything he’s involved with. He also has a solo LP out called Hip To The Jag, which is an awesome record. And if you want to hear a couple of cool tracks on there, check out the songs You Broke My Fall, and Radio to Their World – where his vocals actually sound like Syd Barrett!

Photo by Harry Collison

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