Tom Brechtlein Interview – I’ve NEVER TALKED ABOUT THIS BEFORE…

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On this Tom Brechtlein interview: Seeing Chick Corea on TV and just knowing “I’m going to play with him someday.” GREAT stories about working with Chick, Al DiMeola, Wayne Shorter, Kenny Loggins, Joe Farrell, Robben Ford, Eric Johnson, Natalie Cole and more… Turning lemons into lemonade during the pandemic, why there’s no upside to victimizing yourself, Scientology and how it changed his life, becoming more observant, and when “being a ho” isn’t so bad. Cool convo! 

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For close to 5 decades, Tom Brechtlein’s been an in-demand session drummer who’s worked with some of the most demanding artists of this era. Artists like Chick Corea, the Manhattan Transfer, Wayne Shorter, Joe Farrell, Jean Luc Ponty, Kenny Loggins, Robbie Kreiger Christopher Cross, Eric Johnson, and a number of former guests we’ve had here on the show, including guitarists Mike Miller, Al DiMeola, David Grissom, Greg Koch, and Robben Ford – Tom was a member of Robben Ford & The Blue Line.  

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