Dan Mongrain Interview – Overcoming CHILDHOOD TRAUMA & FINDING JOY

On this Dan Mongrain interview: How music and guitar allowed Dan to deal with childhood trauma and led him to finding joy in his life. Finding the resilience to create his own opportunities for his first band, Martyr. How Voivod became part of his musical DNA, the beauty of Japan, dealing with career burnout and stress (twice!), the joy of doing new things musically, like directing an orchestra and creating string arrangements, The Shoelace Incident! Opening for Metallica in front of 100,000 people, becoming inspired to achieve better mental & physical health… foraging mushrooms and the freedom of being outdoors, mellowing and becoming more easy going, the MOST FUN thing he’s ever done… and persevering. AWESOME conversation with an intelligent, classy, sincere guy – a MUST listen!

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Dan is most well known as the guitar player of the Canadian prog-metal band Voivod. Voivod has released 15 LPs, winning back to back Juno awards for their last two records, The Wake & Synchro-Anarchy (great LPs), both for best Metal LP of the year. He’s also the co-founder, guitarist & vocalist of the prog-death metal band MARTYR, which he co-founded with his brother at age 14 (1990-2012) 

A well-respected session & touring player in Canada who’s played with over 80 bands & artists in a wide variety of genres including Blues, rock, hip-hop, classical, prog and metal, Dan’s latest cover band project is a tribute band to progressive music from the 1970s – called Jurassik Rock. Check out Dan playing covers of Deep Purple and the song Focus, on YouTube – great stuff.

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