Peter Woods from Romeo Void Interview – “I would have DONE IT DIFFERENTLY TODAY…”

On this Peter Woods interview: The last minute inclusion of Never Say Never and how this charting single almost didn’t get made… Why Romeo Void broke up, Peter’s top 3 musical experiences… going to law school, becoming a lawyer and then changing everything by moving to Japan. The upside and downside to living in Japan… WORST gig ever (you’d be shocked who they opened for), opening for U2 and having a blast with The Edge… being open to changing your course, and much more. Fun and relaxed convo!

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 Peter is a founding member and the guitar player of the iconic 80’s alternative rock / new wave band, Romeo Void, from San Francisco. The band had two hit songs: Never Say Never, which reached #27 on the Mainstream Rock charts. It’s the kind of song that evokes a very specific early 80’s alternative rock time period. Their other hit was A Girl in Trouble (is a Temporary Thing), which was a Top 40 pop single in 1984. Both songs were staples on MTV video rotation, and Never Say Never has been in many soundtracks. The band has just released Live From Mabuhay Gardens (in San Francisco), their first official live LP, recorded in November 1980.

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