Willie J Laws Jr Interview –  RACISM in the MUSIC BUSINESS & why HE RAN OUT OF OXYGEN

On this Willie J Laws Jr interview: Growing up in Taft, TX (population 3,000!), hanging out in his grandfather’s beer joint, a terrible act of racism he was exposed to in 6th grade, joining the Navy, Moving out to California and getting caught up in the CRACK Epidemic, backstories to his top songs, career and personal highs and lows, most important life lessons he’s learned & more:

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Originally from Texas and currently living in Massachusetts, Willie Laws plays Texas soul music, mixed with classic R&B, country, blues & funk. Willie’s performed nationally and internationally in Russia, throughout Europe, and more. He won the Massachusetts Blues Society Challenge and was a semi-finalist at the Int’l Blues Competition and Beale St. Kings Awards, in Memphis. Willie has some amazing life stories and was kind enough to share a few of them with us, today. His latest album is Too Much Blues

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